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Oct 9, 2010

i.MX53 EVK rev B

1. Our i.MX53 EVK rev B board.

The i.MX53 EVK RevB is a single-board with 8-layers reference design of i.MX53.
The main features are as below:
· i.MX53(i.MX53)+AAPL MC13892(PMIC)
· 1GB DDR2@400MHz
· Two SD Slots(one for 4-bit, one for 8-bit)
· Two LVDS Ports
· One SATA Port
· Audio codec(SGTL5000) with one headphone and one headset
· Debug Port (JTAG and RS-232 Port)
· One VGA Port
· Four USB Host and One USB OTG (Micro)
· LCD Port
· Two Expand Ports
· One FEC (LAN8720)
· One 4MB SPI Nor and One NAND Socket
· One Mini-PCIE with SIM Socket
· 5V@5A wall adapter
2. Connect Realview JTAG to EVK board.
·         Configure RealView ICE:
·         In ARM configuration, ensure semihost and vector catch are disabled.
·         Configure the target
·         Add the unknown device, IRL:5
·         Add the unknown device, IRL:4
·         Add ARMCS-DP device
·         Add Coretex-A8 device
·         modify the Coretex-a8 property, change Coresight base address to 0xC0008000
·         In Linux command line, add "jtag=on" to disable to enter WFI.

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